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Collets Master Sleeves | Manufacturer & Exporter of Traub Collets, Turb Machine Collets, Traub Collets, Trub Collets, Access Button Collet, Dead Length type Collet, Boring Machine Collets in Rajkot Gujarat India. We also manufactures CNC Collets, Milling machine Collets, Diamond Machine Collets, Pantograph Collets, Hydraulic Machine Collets, etc.

Collets Master Sleeves

Fitwell Engineers Collets Master Sleeves

We are renowned for supplying excellent quality range of Collets Master Sleeves, that are fabricated using superior quality raw materials. These products are Designed and manufactured for installations requiring tubing movement, this seal assembly should only be used with packers with seal bore extensions or with retrievable packer bore receptacles.

Permissible Concentricity Chart is : 6238 - 1971

Collets Master Sleeves Technical Drawings | Fitwell Collets

A B C D L L1 ∠° Angle
52.00 37.00 96.00 15°
Master Sleeve
Models in Master Sleeve
Permissible Concentricity Error(T.I.R.)
A-15 0.005
A-20 0.005
A-30 0.005
A-32 0.01
A-42 0.01
A-60 0.01
  • A-15
  • A-20
  • A-25
  • A-30
  • A-32
  • A-42
  • A-60

Conversion Master Sleeve

  • A-25 to A-15
  • A-30 to A-25
  • A-42 to A-25

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